The Crew

We are truly a crew-based, cooperative company, where every voice is heard. We each have our niche, or specialty, as you are about to learn, but we all pull the oars together. We go further that way, and we all get to share the view. 


Ellen is a co-founder of StoryPeople. In the early days, she spent as much time chasing after two little ones as she did helping to brainstorm the next steps for a growing small business with big intentions. Though she is not the boss of anyone (as her sons pointed out VERY early on), she is a pretty good navigator, and is completely interested in seeing where the ship wants to go. When you call us, she is likely the person who will answer the phone. She is also the entire gift-wrapping department. You will not find anyone more inclined to feel the feels while wrapping your gift and adding your gift note. People are beautiful she will say over and over, as she is writing your very own words of comfort and connection and celebration.


Brothers Andreas

Matthew and Gabriel

Matthew makes things. Whether it’s beautiful Korean food, or paintings, or dance choreography, he has always expressed himself through experiential mediums. He currently resides in Iowa, though that, like anything, could change as easily as the wind. 

Gabriel has been writing songs, poems, and stories for quite a while now. His favorite part of making things up is that there isn’t a wrong or a right way to do it. This is also his least favorite part. His birthday is in March, which is great if you live in California, and not so great if you live in Iowa. He lives in Iowa.



Ren (short for Karen) is our designer-in-chief, the one who takes all the pieces and makes them fit, and she has been doing this here at StoryPeople for a very long time (for someone so young). Whether it’s our calendars, prints, cards or sculptures, you can be sure that her artistic eye has rested there, and well. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that everything she touches turns to beauty. She is the glue that makes our days make sense. Never one to seek the limelight, we are shining it bright right now, because we wouldn’t be StoryPeople without her.


Jeremiah is our resident wood elf. Quiet, curious, and observant. He has a pleasant way of pointing out the beauty in things we have come to take for granted, challenging us to take another look and see with new eyes. He loves Halloween, and spooky things, and maybe one day he will run a curio shop filled with bones and potions and dust that smells faintly of old barnwood. He likes to joke about serious things, and sometimes you might almost want to be offended until you look into his eyes and see them twinkling. Whether we’re talking about movies, or food, or daydreaming of the shining beaches in Thailand, Jeremiah brings an important element to StoryPeople, and that is simply himself.


BB is the physical embodiment of celebration. Rising on wings of pure cosmic energy, she flits from place to place, packing orders, printing shipping labels, and gracing us with her outside-the-box way of thinking. She is a fierce advocate for having a good time, and has been known to get opinionated about the stuff she cares about. In the event of a catastrophic systems failure, we know we can rely on BB to assess the situation with a level head, a fiery wit, and a big heart. We feel that the point of life is to find people who get you, who you enjoy being around, and who enjoy being around you. BB ticks all the right boxes. She gets us, we get her, and that’s all there is to it. 


Lucy is our shop dog. She is a Goldendoodle. We love her very much. She is quite sociable and loves to play. And when she is not getting enough play, she makes sure to let us know. We call her The Precious, and Furry Nugget, and Chicken Lucy (because she loves chicken, of course), and she is so floppy and wonderful. We are grateful we get to spend time with her, because she is so pure and good. Often, she will lure people in off the street and drum up a little extra business for us, which was never really the plan, but we’ll take it anyway. Her absolute favorite thing in the world is to play with other dogs, which has us wondering if we shouldn’t just get another dog for her (Hint: we’re kind of leaning that way).

Around the Studio...