The Note Project is Complete

We did it.

We finished the

grand note project

Hurray and hurrah,

life is so many things,

but in this moment

it is the sweet sense

of having done

some good. 

If you are wondering,

note project? 

What note project?”

here is what it was:


For the last week

in February

we included

a hand written

and signed note

for all orders over $50.

This resulted in quite

a few notes that

look like this:

Most of the notes

have arrived by now, 

and we are

excited to hear

what you

think of them.

A few words from Gabriel 

(the guy who wrote the notes):


We have received

many thoughtful

replies to these notes,

and while I am doing

my best to respond individually,

the world of StoryPeople

continues to whirr along,

and so if I haven’t

gotten around to

thanking you personally,

it is only because

I have been diverted by

the various things

that always seem

in need of doing.

Please know that

your support means

a great deal to me,

and to all of us

who work here. 

You make it possible

for us to do what we do, 

and for that you have

our gratitude.

Many notes were written

over the last week.

Many, many notes

So many. 

The thing of it is though, 

I have never felt

closer to you 

than in the writing

of these notes

and so even though

there have been moments

of feeling like


it has been my privilege

to speak directly to you, 

the way friends do. 


Feeling so much


for all of you,


With love,

Gabriel + the Crew


We’ve been

talking about it, 

and we want

to find a way 

to make the notes

available as one collection

for you to have and enjoy.

Maybe a book.


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