Living in Interesting Times

Life seems to be 

getting more interesting

by the day, which

can feel like a bit of

a mixed blessing.


It recalls the classic

curse, “may you live

in interesting times.”

Personally, we like things

to be interesting, but

not at the expense

of other people’s well-being.

You might think that we,

as a world, would have

found a decent way

to get along by this point,

but there is still so much

work to do in this department,

and hardly enough volunteers.

And yet, deep down,

we must trust that 

the goodness

of humanity will win out

over the other part,

because any world 

can be possible

if we dream hard enough.

Here is to putting in the effort

in all the different ways,

to make our world a world

that works for everyone.


With love,

your crew at StoryPeople

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