Independence Day

Here at StoryPeople

we believe that

love is the strongest

guiding force.


it is difficult 

to love,

when we are

afraid, or angry,

or in pain.

But it is in 

these times

that loving


most important.

So it is 

with love

that we say

we are deeply


about the


our democracy

is going.

We have 

lost sight,

as a nation,

of what 

connects us,

what we share,

and where we

come from.

It feels like

we have


what is 

truly important

about being alive.




The world we share.


Everyone deserves

to have a good life,

and in this moment

the right to a good life

is under threat.


This is not ok.


All of us at StoryPeople

are committed

to a world that works

for everyone,

even if this means

standing strong

in the face of



And we need

to stand up now,

more than ever.

This Independence Day,

let us honor those

who worked so hard

to free us from tyranny,

and those who are

working so hard

to keep it from

happening again.


With love,

your crew at StoryPeople


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