A Brand New Sister Story

A few months ago,

two sisters,

Megan and Molly, 

made a pilgrimage

to our studio from

the other side

of the state.


They grew up

loving our stories, 

and were so excited 

to be setting foot

in the place where

the magic happens.

They ended up staying

for a good while

to explore the studio

and talk with us.

Then, just weeks

before Christmas, 

Megan reached out to ask

if we could help her

“win Christmas”

with a tailor-made

print for Molly.

Though it was our

​​​​​​​busiest time of year,

we put it in

the hopper,

and this is what

came out:

Like so many stories, 

what began as a

simple request from

Megan, for Molly,

became a story

we believe can

speak to so many 

sisters everywhere.

Though we won’t

promise that

everything will become

a story in the way 

the sisters print did,

all of your stories

help to inspire

our work.


Here are a few of

the stories that

have come to life

through the


we have had with

so many of you:

We all have stories.

What is the story 

your heart yearns to tell?

Wishing you a

magical new year,

Your Crew at StoryPeople



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