2023 StoryPeople Ornament Set of 6

A set of this years newest additions to our Ornament line.
Curated to delight the senses, and enliven your celebrations.

The 2023 ornament set of six contains:

Core Team Ornament: "I don't take my family for granted, because people who love you even after they know you don't come along every day."

Our Story Ornament: "Tell me again about the first time we met. it's my favorite story"

Teach Love Ornament: "The best teachers are the ones who show you how to use your heart."

Kindred Spirits Ornament: "You're the strangest person I ever met, she said & I said you too & we decided we'd know each other a long time."

Real Hero Ornament: "Anyone can slay a dragon, but try waking up every morning & loving the world all over again. That's what takes a real hero."

Walking Together Ornament: "I am proud to see the one you are, and the one you are becoming. It is no small thing, this chance I have been given to walk the road beside you."

Ornament dimensions are approximately 3x4 inches, with slight variation, depending on the ornament. All ornaments come individually bagged in a pleasant white mesh bag, making it just that little bit easier to give them as gifts to your favorite people.

• enamel on metal
• approx. 3 x 4 inches
• festive ribbon hanger
• white organza bag


We are a family-run art and gift company located in the upper rightmost corner of Iowa in a town called Decorah, in an area known as the driftless region, in a crater left by a 470 million-year-old meteorite.

You would think that living in a valley surrounded by alien shale would have an effect on people, and you might be right, but to our knowledge there have been no studies to determine the truth of the matter. As far as we can tell, people around here seem normal enough, but then again, once you go beneath the surface of just about anything, things can get weird fast.

Doing our best to bottle a little of our own weirdness, we spend our days making art and thinking about things like whether it is worth the extra effort to toast the bread before you make a sandwich, or the true meaning of flowers, or what the world would be like if everyone tried a bit harder to be nice to each other.

In a fortunate twist of fate, we are lucky enough to get to make pleasant things for you to share with the people in your life, to tell them how much they mean to you, and that is something we are really quite happy about. So thank you, from all of us here at StoryPeople, for helping us to spread a bit of gentleness throughout this wild world, one friendly story at a time. 


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