Help With The Website

Yes, it’s a completely new site, so some of the things you’re used to have changed. But the things we’ve added have been in response to all of your comments, so now, it’s faster. It’s easier to go from story to story. (& the things that you don’t like, we’re working on even as you read this). Check in here to get an overview of what’s different… & of course please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. Since the site is new, we’re not even sure what needs explaining yet!

Something's strange... is my Favorite Stories list stored in an account separate from my Purchase History?

Yes. They are, in fact, entirely separate & this may be the most confusing thing about the new site. You can sign up using the same or different log-in credentials for each & being signed in to one does not mean you are signed in to the other. It’s not all that difficult, though, unless you’re trying to think it all through. To see your Favorites, send E-Greetings, or to comment on a Story or Blog, login to you Story Account here. To review your order history or access a Registry or Wishlist, login to your Shopping Account here. Please keep in mind that each account requires separate registration, which can be accessed from those links as well. Also, it’s probably worth noting that you don’t even need to be logged in to go through checkout anymore. As long as you use the same email, your purchases will still show up in your purchase history.

I was so used to the way the old site worked. Why did you have to go & change it?

We agree, there was a lot to like about the old website. Like the fact that we were all so very used to it & knew how it worked! Talking about what we didn’t like would seem sort of like bad-mouthing a good old friend, now, so let us just say that in most cases we think you’ll find the new one to be quite an improvement. Please contact us if you find stuff that needs better explaining or if you think of any great ideas for features we can add in the future.

My favorite thing on the old site was other people's comments about the stories. Why did you get rid of that?

Yes, it’s true, we did finally decide it was time for a fresh start with the comments. One of the problems we were having was that our SPAM security wasn’t quite up to the challenge of modern malcontents such as link-planting psuedo-marketers with nothing better to do than mess up other people’s stuff. So we’re going to start again & see how it goes. Think of it as a great chance for your sincere & insightful voice to be heard;-)

Reading the stories is all well & good, but I want to buy a present. How do I find out what's available?

The quick answer is, “Click shop in the main menu up above.” But we should also mention that one of the great features of the new site is that when you select one of the stories you come across in browsing mode, you will be shown icons indicating all the different sorts of items available with that story. Some popular stories that have been around a while may have upwards of a dozen selections, while newer stories may only be available on an item or two. In any case, the new site features custom Create Your Own possibilities that will allow you to get stories on a number of different items, such as prints & wristwraps & fun fobs.