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We used to go visit my grandma on the train & on the way my sister & I would talk to people we met & tell them we were from Hawaii & could speak Polynesian & I’d hold up a 7-Up & say this is called puka-puka-wanini on the Big Island & we’d make up longer and longer names until it took about 10 minutes to say one & about that time we would be there & we’d say aloha & go off to have lunch at my grandma’s & my sister would hold up a Mrs. Paul’s fish stick & say in Hawaii they call these molo-molo-pooey-pooey & I’d try not to choke on my fruit punch.

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2 Responses to Native Hawaiians

  1. Sally says:

    Usually love your stories, I have several framed, and own all your books. This one seems to miss the mark, and lands on the side of cultural misappropriation. I’m still a fan of your work overall. You may want to rethink this one.

  2. nancy green says:

    love this story

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