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7 Responses to Leaving Pieces

  1. Patricia Bubach says:

    I have been leaving pieces of me wherever I go, whether it is a kind word, good deed, special craft, piece of pottery, muffin or cookie. I will never leave…like a seed scattered, perhaps I may grow back! Thanks for all you say for all of us.

  2. Jane Tredway says:

    every time someone I love dies, they take pieces of my heart with them..

  3. Whatever we gain–we have to give something up.

  4. donna and fred duckworth says:

    My greatest wish is that when I die someone remembers the good I have done.

  5. […] behind her everywhere she went. It’s easier to feel the sunlight without them, she said. – Leaving Pieces – ©2016 Brian Andreas – posted with […]

  6. Sharon says:

    Have you considered leaving your characters un-colored and offering a coloring book? Thanks for sharing your heart. ~Sharon . . . Share on!

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