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One Response to Extrovert

  1. Maarri Donaldson says:

    I love it, love it, love it, like I do all of them. Some I love a bit more than others but in general I love all of them. I have and have read all the books, given prints as gifts, and look at my two sculptures every day. I would probably buy all your sculptures and other stuff if I had the money and room to put everything. (You can probably come up with a story and “drawing” (whatever these are officially called) about that.) I think you are a most wonderful, creative, whimsical, original wise being with an outlook about things like no other. It must be gratifying to know there’s no one on the planet even closely like you. Maybe no one in the universe. Your “stuff” has brought me much joy over the years since I was first introduced to your work at a Berkeley outdoor art fair before you went to Iowa when your children were little. I’d like to be more like you – wise, whimsical, creative – in any order.

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