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Top Ten Stories

Someone asked us how we can pick the top ten stories that Brian's done. To tell you the truth, we really can't. We all have our favorites & we can't even agree around here on the top ones. But, we can tell you the top ten best-selling stories at our gallery partners. Check out the list below & see what you think. Maybe you'll find a few new ones for your own top ten...
Kindred Spirits
Real Reason
Permanent To-Do List
Real Hero
No Words
Angels of Mercy
Illusion of Control
No Regret
Side by Side
Falling Into Place

Ten More?

Ok, it's true. Now that we're rolling, it's just too hard to stop! So here are the next ten...

Before Dawn
Laughter & Noise
Some Kind of Ride
Almost New Age
Quiet Pride (no gender)
First Responder
One Child
Such Small Things
Imagining World
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