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So, there are two ways that you can go here, depending on how much time you've got...

Browse Stories At Random
Browse Stories Alphabetically

The first way is just like in one of the galleries, when you've happened on StoryPeople in an out-of-the-way corner of the world. There's no real order (& just to make sure, we change it every day), so you can start & end anywhere you'd like.

We call it Browse at Random (because we had to call it something). Just click here to dive into the stories.

The second way is to face the stories head on & show them who's in charge around here. This is direct & to the point, using the alphabet the way it was intended, from A right through to Z. (We'd say the only real problem here is that not all people know all the stories by name. But sometimes the important thing is to have a firm goal in sight & with a Z at the end, you always know exactly where you are going...)

Anyway, this one we call Browse Alphabetically. So, click here to hop right up to the beginning (you can always pick another letter if you're on a deadline) & see where the stories take you today.

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