Hey Everybody,
The new postcard packs for February are ready & this time there are TWO stories in a single pack! Five cards with Everywhere & five cards with Wonder. Two great Love Story options for Valentine’s (or any time, really) on two beautiful cards & we can’t wait to show them to you…

You should know there are only 250 packs & then that’s it, they’re gone! So if you’re already thinking of people who make you want to say Thank You to the Universe, you better grab some quick;-)
Of course, you could always send them a postcard with a picture of the Grand Canyon & a nice message about how much they mean to you. In our experience, most friends aren’t too picky when it comes to hearing how awesome they are or how they make you ponder the deeper mysteries of Love. Ha! We all know what’s really important anyway, right?
Just in case you are starting to think about Valentine’s treats, you might also want to check out the Something Wonderful notecards:

For the right important someone, this story might seem just as sweet as a picture of a glowing sunset over a historic rock formation;-)
We’ve got lots more fun stuff coming your way soon, so stay tuned. & if you’re feeling the vibe, the Valentine’s Treats collection is up & chock full of Brian’s brand-new (& we think amazing) Romantic prints. Jump in right here.
See you soon over at storypeople.com
with love, Ben
The Crew at StoryPeople
P.S. Brian came out with a new print last week to commemorate the 2018 Women’s March. It’s a remix of his story Lifetime & we just have to tell you… it’s a welcome story with all the weird stuff going on in the country. Check it out