Ok everybody, there’s obviously something we need to tell you right away…
The Holiday Special 15% discount works for lots of stuff, not just prints with dog stories!!
Seriously. The Holiday Specials apply to all kinds of fun things for everybody on your list, & in case you don’t know the scoop yet, here’s how this year’s specials work:
  • Take 15% off the price of any Prints or Sculptures when you use the code wintertreats during checkout.
  • Get FREE domestic ground shipping on any orders that total $100 or more, after the wintertreats discounts are applied.
  • Once you get $50 worth of stuff in your basket, head to the Cart Page to add books at super-awesome prices. Under your list of items, there will be a link to $5 softcovers & $10 hardbacks!
& if you’re wondering what this dog business is about, here’s the thing: ever since early October, when we came out with the biggest batch of new Brian Andreas prints since the beginning of StoryPeople, a whole bunch of you have been realllly excited about Extra Room & Dog Resolutions.

In fact, the general popularity of the new stories has caused such upheaval we’ve even had to revise the overall Top 10 list. (Which, in case you decide to check it out, actually has 20 stories because it’s just too hard to do otherwise.)
But when we sat down with our calculators & crunched the numbers, well, let’s just say you’d be amazed by the tail-wagging, perky-eared mania. Sure, the dog stories were popular among the new prints, but what about the Whole Big Picture? What about compared to all-time favorites like Kindred Spirits & Real Reason? Or sweet stories like Such Small Things & One Child? Or maybe the dragon-slaying whole-world-loving Real Hero?
Well, you can stop right there. Because that’s it. Those are the only 5 stories fit enough to buckle on the collar & clip on the leash & take the rambunctious new pup for a walk. Extra Room ranks as the #6 overall bestseller for the past 3 months & it hasn’t even been out for two months yet!

The thing is, it’s not like we get tons of requests from you for dog stories day after day, so this has all come as quite a surprise. I mean, sure, there’s the few odd folks looking for stories about flying whales & the occasional bird-dreamer thing, maybe some tense inquiries into the whole cat-&-mouse debate…
& yes, we know some of you hang out & read through the Animals & Pets stories & find yourselves getting nostalgic for the Tiger Rain & wondering if a giraffe behaving like a civilized human still qualifies as an animal. But it’s not like there’s been a crowd of folks beating down the studio doors demanding more dog stories. Which is what makes recent events so astonishing.
The next time you’re out for a stroll, stop on by storypeople.com. Pets welcome, of course;-) We look forward to seeing you soon…
with love, BenThe Crew at StoryPeople
P.S. A couple things we should mention in case anybody out there is looking for a gift or two:
  • Last Friday, we added 26 beautiful sculptures to The Vault. We’re going to keep putting more in there through the holiday season, but we’ve been so busy packing dog story prints it’s hard to keep up! Check back from time to time if you’re looking for a sculpture, new ones could pop up at any minute.
  • Also, while the big batch of new prints is getting all the attention, don’t forget about the new ones from earlier this year, when we found some of Brian’s long-lost paintings while sorting stuff for the moving sale. These never-seen-before 16×20’s are printed on gorgeous fine-art watercolor paper & will almost make your eyes drool. With delight;-)
P.P.S. & for those of you who’ve picked up on the strange animal phenomenon going on & have written to ask about some sweet cat tales, we hear you. We’re on it. & we’re going to have a serious talk with Brian. As soon as he gets back from walking with Yoshi…