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It’s Day Nine (one day to go) of our #StoryPeopleWithLove contest featuring EXPRESSIONS OF LOVE & we’ve been delighted once again! Let’s just say when we invited you all to share your stories – & went so far as to suggest sending a video of someone doing a handstand on the roof – we didn’t actually expect someone to have something like that!

We hope you get a kick out of Adele Browne’s entry as much as we did…

“Dear Storypeople,

Here it is, not a video, but a picture from the 1950’s of my darling Aunt Edna as a teenager, doing a handstand on the roof of my grandparents’ 3-story home in Philadelphia. Her girlfriend took a picture of the stunt, and then Edna realized she didn’t know how to get down (but somehow she did). Weeks later, when Grandmom saw the picture, she exclaimed, ‘Oh, you crazy thing!'”

Only ONE day left! Join the fun NOW for a chance to be featured on our social media sites & win a FREE pack of Valentine’s postcards! Read more about #StoryPeopleWithLove here.


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