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It’s Day Seven of our #StoryPeopleWithLove contest featuring EXPRESSIONS OF LOVE & here’s a beautiful letter & painting expressing a really important kind of love. A heartfelt thanks to today’s storyteller Patricia Mosca for sharing not only her words & art but also her wisdom…

“Dear Patricia,

You are my child…my friend…my dear heart. Witness and feel my power and blessings surrounding you. Know that I am here to nurture your spirit…to keep you safe…healthy and connected. I believe in you…you are worthy of great love…you are filled with compassion…your heart is full…with faith I can release and resolve your fears. It is all yours for the asking…always remember how precious you are and that I am here to comfort you…love you and help you grow…just listen and believe…it is all possible…(an inner wisdom love letter to my self).”

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