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Wow, it’s Day Five (the halfway point) of our #StoryPeopleWithLove contest featuring EXPRESSIONS OF LOVE & we already don’t want it to end. Seriously, you guys are filling our souls with good stuff.

One of the things we love most at StoryPeople is PLAY. So, when we came across this entry by Dana Hedrick, well, we just had to share it. Does this sound like fun or what…

Dana’s story (&, yes, we might steal this idea):

“My wife and I have denoted every February as “Sticky-Note” month. At the beginning of the month, we each get a pad of sticky notes in a different color. The goal is to use up the entire pad throughout the month by leaving notes for the other person to find.

The notes contain everything from reasons why they are the best, to funny sketches, to quotes or song lyrics that make us think of them. (StoryPeople definitely makes an appearance!)

A whole month celebrating love is far better than a single day! Plus it is fun finding notes in all sorts of unexpected places – inside a glove, stuck to the milk, or in a book.”

To join the fun & for a chance to be featured on our social media sites & win a FREE pack of Valentine’s postcards, read more about #StoryPeopleWithLove here.


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