an instagram from Brian...

Sitting across the table from you writing notes…:)


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  1. John Stevens says:

    I love this! Will this be available as a print?

    • Ben Ellingson says:

      Hi John – this story is so new it hasn’t made it into the StoryPeople listings yet & Brian is currently working on some new avenues for making this style of print available, so for now all we can really tell you is, “Not yet, but stay tuned…” -the Crew

  2. Edith Ashworth says:

    I love this! Would love this in print to frame!

    • Ben Ellingson says:

      Hey Edith – Glad you like it & thanks for the suggestion. We’ll keep it in mind as a print for the future… -with love, the crew

  3. Steph says:

    This is so beautiful! I am sure my partner could have written this. Sometimes we feel this and should just let it overcome us and show .. thank you really sweet!
    Been loving your books and cards for many years.Started buying them in KW , hopefully businesses there can reopen and buy your products.

  4. Ingrid peterson says:

    This is one that touches my soul. My soul feels the love that grows with time.

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